Paula Calhoun 

I am a Bay Area Native and love all that where we live has to offer. While I fiddled on and off with Photography throughout my life, it wasn't until I became a Birth Doula that I realized capturing emotion and real life is something that speaks to me. I love taking real life moments and catching them for my clients so they have these precious moments for a lifetime. While I can take posed pictures, capturing candid shots is what I enjoy the most (so expect to get both if you hire me :). 

I have 3 awesome children ages 27 (my oldest son is currently in the Air Force and recently got married to a wonderful young lady who I am proud to call my daughter-in-law). 25 (my second born son graduated from San Diego State and is working in Sales and Marketing, and 18(my daughter is a Senior in High school with an interest in Fashion, Modeling, and Drama).  In my spare time I am a tv addict, love reading fiction but am also constantly learning new things by reading educational information as well,  and have started to travel at least a couple times a year.

I can't wait to meet you and capture you at your best:)